PoSH Server

PowerShell Web Server

Secure, flexible and lightweight web server to meet your requirements.

  • Security

    Can be used on servers without windows features, relies on PowerShell.

  • IP Restriction

    Block ip addresses to increase security against external network access.

  • Content Filtering

    Restrict content access by built-in content filtering module.

  • Log Parser

    No longer need third party log parsing softwares to analyse access logs.

  • Advanced Logging

    Advanced logging capabilities with log hasing and time stamping in W3C format.

  • Authentication

    Basic and Windows authentication can be used for secure login.

  • PHP Support

    PHP 5.3 and 5.4 is supported to use your PHP scripts.

  • Background Jobs

    Running as a background job is very important key for a nonstop webserver.

  • Open Source

    PoSH Server is a web server coded in PowerShell. You can add or remove features via PowerShell ISE. You just need to know PowerShell scripting language to work on it.

  • Lightweight Design

    PoSH Server is one of the most lightweight web servers. You can host your PowerShell and HTML pages without requiring a web server. PoSHServer is only 144 KB! and works on PowerShell v2, v3 and v4.

  • Windows Core Support

    PoSH Panel works on PowerShell so you can even use it on Windows Server Core. PowerShell is also available on Windows desktops and PoSH Panel works on it without problem.

  • How to Install

    PoSH Server is a PowerShell script, so you don't need to install anything on your server / desktop. You can't execute PowerShell scripts by default. You should change that behaviour first to use PoSH Server.

    Open PowerShell and disable execution policy:

    • set-executionpolicy unrestricted

    Type "y" to confirm. Install PoSHServer.exe into following directory:

    • "C:\Program Files\PoSHServer"

    Now you can start PoSH Server:

    • Import-Module PoSHServer
    • Start-PoshServer

    Give a hostname and port. You are ready to go!


You will get the latest version when you click download. If you need to upgrade from previous versions, see the change log.

Download PoSH Server v3.7

Download PoSH Server Standalone v3.7

Download Documentation (PDF)

Download Source Code v3.7

PoSHServer is a free product but you can always order me a coffee :)

when I found PoSH Server which at first glance seemed the perfect solution as the workflow engine can send an XML interchange message to an arbitrary HTTP Server
Dave Kinchlea, GateVillage